Sweet Sixteen Thoughts.

I was already in the middle of a long blog having done four paragraphs but, what the hell? Imma cut to the chase and make this short and succinct.

For the longest time my dear GMA, I have always chosen you.

 You over the more commercial, todo-effort and gimmicky ABS CBN. I have always chosen you because of the belief that you had more “puso” for Kapusos like me. I have always chosen you for the reason that you believed in the people I also believe in. And when I almost got bored with you and wanted to change my choice, JuliElmo happened and I got dragged back to where I belong. WITH YOU.

Things have went pretty well until the news broke out that you are acquiring a liability in the form of Lauren Young. Yes, for ME, a die-hard JuliElmo fan, she’s a liabilty. I couldn’t care less what goes on in their private lives, but I feel I have the right to speak up when it comes to the loveteam that you have groomed, molded, sold and that I have bought. You read it right, I BOUGHT. Binili  ko yung idea na hanggang sa makakaya niyo pu-protektahan, aalagaan at iingatan niyo yung tambalang di kayo nagkaroon sa matagal na panahon. I bought that idea and with all that I could, I invested on them as well.

So now, like any business partners do, I hope we listen to each other. Sayang lahat ng in-invest kong oras, pag mamahal at pera kung sa kalagitnaan ng lahat eh kukuha kayo ng taong matagal ng mainit sa mata. Nakaka walang gana na.

I’m throwing back movie-ish lines on you since baka dito maging klaro sainyo at magkainitindihan tayo.

“You made me believe that we were on this together. That she was an outsider, that you were on my side. You made me believe that no matter what happens in their real life, you’d protect the tandem and my heart by keeping her away from them, away from the same network at least!? How could you do this? How could you break a heart when you are all about it, Kapuso nga diba? Hanggang ngayon umaasa ko, kahit ngayon lang. Sa pagitan ng isang matagal ng Kapuso na tulad ko pero walang pangalan at ng isang Kapamilyang kilala pero manggugulo lang, sana ako ang piliin mo GMA, sana ako naman.”

hi. i'm a new follower, reader. got to know of your blog thru joyce's tweet. ang LR ko lng ksi yung congratulatory tweet na nya for your fic ang nabasa ko. anyways i like it a bit coz i've got to read your whole story & i wouldnt wait for updates anymore. i must say that you got me & i specifically remembered the line "kung wala kang girlfriend ikaw ang type ko." & i love that. congrats on before summer. hope to read a lot more from you. btw i'm jamie :)

Hi Jamie! Thank you very much for the nice words :) sorry kung late reply ako. I don’t regularly check on my tumblr kasi. I’m happy that you enjoyed reading my fic. I’m currently debating with myself how my next fic’s storyline would flow. Hope to hear again from you :)

hi there! same as you 29 hehe saw this being reblog by other adiks. and i was impressed on how u translate that 9gag thing. haha i also asked my husband's highschool nephew about it. anyways, gonna start to read your ff, i read your preface first kc. do you have twitter? or dito na lang kita kukulitin? hehe have a good day!!!

Hi lheizz! Thank you for the nice words for the 9gag blog :) I hope you like it and yes, I have a twitter. Hit me up @LeLe_Rob will follow you as well :)

good job ate!

thank you! mwah!

Hoping that 33 will be posted also today :) Thanks

Hi jubeiiann! Yes I’m posting chapter 33 today. It will be the final Chapter of this story :)

hi there. new follower, reader and fan here! grabe..u'r amazing! knina ko lng nadiacover tu bec of bebyan. and tinapos ko lhat ng updates mo in one sitting! u got me hooked. thanks ha! Joyce here btw :)

hi joyce! friends na tayo sa twitter right? hehe thank you again :) i’m posting some chpaters now, yung mga nasa FB kung di mo pa nababasa :)

To those in doubt of the Shakey’s dinner, proof just showed up. Credits to @kaloimorales :)

To those in doubt of the Shakey’s dinner, proof just showed up. Credits to @kaloimorales :)

Wanted: Tumblr Tutor

This is embarrassing but I’m a bit new to this tumblr thing, can anybody guide me through this? Like how do I create links for my FF’s and I see comments on some reblogs on my posts specially the Gagged by 9gag but I don’t know how to reply to all of you :( I don’t even know how to add the Ask Me button, I’m such a helpless one!


I am not sixteen, as what my blog would suggest, but I happen to discover a heart of a sweet sixteen trapped inside a 29-year-old body. This awakening of that familiar tingling sensation, of blushing and all giddy feeling only known to teenagers is a result of my fondness and love for two amazing and talented kids. Yes, I love Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona. I love them as individual artists but I love them more as a tandem. Having passed the stage of illusions and idealism, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds supporting them. From time to time (well most of the time haha) I allow myself to be carried away by the sweet smiles and special gestures but when reality strikes, it’s also easier for me to accept what’s real from reel compared to younger ones. I guess after years of experience in the true world of heartbreaks and pain, it’s important for me to have an avenue where everything is bright and sunny plus I get to play cupid to two beautiful lovebirds. So here goes my level up for the ADIK world I belong in. This is entirely for Julie and Elmo, the JuliElmoes and most importantly for my sweet sixteen heart.